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Life Insurance


Why do individuals purchase life insurance?

Protecting, providing and caring for your family is your number one goal. What if you weren’t there to provide for them, wouldn’t you want to know that they would still be okay? That’s where life insurance comes in. Life insurance protection can provide a financial safety net for your family.

Types of Life Insurance

We offer a variety of different types of life insurance for people of all ages.  We offer competitive term life insurance and a variety of whole life insurance products.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance pays a lump sum cash benefit in the event of your death to a beneficiary(s) of your choosing. You choose the length of time (term) for the benefit to be available (typically 10, 20, or 30 years). You choose the benefit amount which remains the same for the duration of the policy. Term life insurance provides protection and peace of mind for:

  • Paying off financial obligations, debts, and loans
  • Higher education for children and grandchildren
  • Securing loved one’s continued well-being and accustomed life-style
Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance does not expire as long as you continue paying premiums.  Whole life insurance will provide a guaranteed death benefit and builds cash value as long as premiums are paid. The premium is fixed based upon your age when you obtain the policy and those premiums do not increase as you age.  The death benefit amount from a whole life insurance policy is typically income tax-free.  Whole life insurance provides funds for:

  • Cost of settling an estate
  • Reduce funeral costs
  • Reduce probate costs
  • Build cash value using a safe whole life insurance policy
Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance
  • No Health Questions
  • No Exams
  • No Bloodwork

K&B Financial, Inc. specializes in senior life products for those between the age of 50-80 and we offer a guaranteed  issue life insurance policy from one of the most well-known names in the life insurance business. This is a life insurance policy for all individuals age 50-80. You don’t have to answer health questions or endure any medical exams. As long as you are within the age range you are eligible for this valuable benefit!

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