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Recovery Care

According to the US Department of Health & Human Services, at least 7 out of 10 people who reach age 65 will use skilled or custodial care someday. Start investing now, to protect your interests later. We’ve contracted with reputable recovery care providers to give you the best coverage at reasonable prices.

Secure what’s important:
  • Your Lifestyle How will your life change if you’re unable to take care of yourself?
  • Your Financial Assets How will you pay for your unexpected recovery? Protect your savings.
  • Your Family What challenges will your loved ones be met with?
  • Your Choice You can freely decide what your options are.
Eligibility Requirements for inpatient Skilled Nursing Facility care under Medicare:

People with Medicare are covered if they meet all of these conditions:

  • You have Part A and have days left in your benefit period.
  • You have a qualifying hospital stay.
  • Your doctor has decided that you need daily skilled care given by, or under the direct supervision of, skilled nursing or therapy staff. If you’re in the SNF for skilled rehabilitation services only, your care is considered daily care even if these therapy services are offered just 5 or 6 days a week, as long as you need and get the therapy services each day they’re offered.
  • You get these skilled services in a SNF that’s certified by Medicare.
  • You need these skilled services for a medical condition that was either:
    • A hospital-related medical condition.
    • A condition that started while you were getting care in the skilled nursing facility for a hospital-related medical condition.
Your costs in Original Medicare (you pay):
Days 1-20: $0 for each benefit period
Days 21-100: $164.50 coinsurance per day of each benefit period.
Days 101 and beyond: All costs
What if you don’t qualify for coverage under Medicare?

How can you cover the costs of services needed beyond 100 days?
Short Term Recovery Care and Home Health Care insurance policies are two ways you can plan for the future. We have hand-selected two policies with the goal of providing you peace of mind knowing that you will have some protection against the increased risk of the rising recovery care costs as you age.

Short Term Recovery Care
You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it. How will you pay for the unexpected accident or illness that requires a short stay in a Nursing or Assisted Living Facility or for Home Health Care, Adult Day Care or Hospice Care?

Recovery Care provides peace of mind for your future, your finances, and most importantly, your independence.
Flexibility to choose how much coverage you want, how long you want the coverage to last, and how many optional benefits, such as survivorship benefits, you want to include.

Home Health Care
According to the CDC, in 2013 over 4.9 million patients received services from home health agencies. Almost 85% of those utilizing services were over the age of 65. People don’t go to nursing facilities because they want to; they go because they have to. Home Health Care insurance gives you the flexibility to utilize the type of care that can be right for you in the comfort of your own home. With the ever-increasing incidence of in-home care as a result of people being discharged from the hospital faster, this policy has become very popular. This coverage is designed to help provide care in your home instead of in a hospital or nursing home.